Woolscape - ideal life 1
Woolscape - ideal life 1

Woolscape - ideal life 1

Park Jae Young 2020, Oil on canvas

17.9 W x 23.8 H x 0.1 in


Woolscape(Wool+ Landscape)

Woolscape images are located at the boundary between the realistic and symbolic representation of things. Images may seem realistic, but they arouse curiosity and situational imagination about symbolic expressions. In the repeated process of drawing a line from day to day, the beginning and end of the day, the relationship between individuals and society, and the act of connection and separation continue to emerge within it.

Even though a bunch of flowers are blooming, they don’t come forward as pretty. The blooming itself is beautiful and harmonious. Since providence is an absolutely invincible thing, the providence of nature should also be located in human life. I hope that beautiful and precious people will recognize and yield to each other, blooming into a beautiful world together.


Park Jae Young

b. 1973

Republic of Korea

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1. Solo shows
2020 <Winter Landscape - Cozy & Warm>, Dawon design Gallery, Seoul
2019 <NOVELSCAPE>, Gallery KNOT, Seoul

2. Group shows
2020 <Aesthetica Art Prize>, York Art Gallery, York
2019 <Freedom 2019. ‘Now & Future’>, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Fukuoka

3. Fair botths
2020 <SCOPE New York>, New York
2019 <Asia Contemporary Art Show> Admiralty, Hong Kong

4. Collections
Sunday newspaper, Seoul, Korea, Korean Yakult, Seoul, Korea