Tears… put on flowers #5
Tears… put on flowers #5
Tears… put on flowers #5

Tears… put on flowers #5

Ko Jin Sook 2011, Mixed Media

23.6 W x 23.6 H x 0.1 in


Tear…see flowers.

I captured the essence of my story as a woman in beautiful flowers. Amid the blooming flowers are hidden stories, unspeakable wounds and loneliness. However, the times of reality are before me in the form of more colorful flowers. Following the series of times I have been through as a woman, I now want to reveal and wear beautiful flowers.


Ko Jin Sook

b. 1971

Republic of Korea
MFA Sook-myung Women’s University 1997
BFA Sook-myung Women’s University 1994

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1. Solo shows
2014 Seoul Open Art Fair ( Coex . Seoul)
2012 Gallery Hwabong .Seoul
2011 In-sa Art Center, Seoul
1997 Gallery Kwanhoon, Seoul
1995 Gallery Seokyoung,Seoul

2. Group shows
2017 Asia Contemporary Art Show ( Pacific Place. Hong Kong)
November Present Exhibition ( KNOTGallery. Seoul)
2016 Sook-myung 110th A college df fine Art Exhibition
(Cheonpa Gallery. Moonshin Art Center. Seoul)
2015 ‘Waterpainting Space’ Watercolor Exhibition ’ The second story
(Yongin Arts Center). Yongin)
2014 International Ansan Art Fair IGAF The invited artisi Exhibition
(Ansan Arts Center)
ArtSpace KNOT "borerless attention Exhibition“Invitatiov Exhibition.
(KNOT Gallery. Seoul)
WE NOW, 20th Encore Exhibition(Moonshin Art Center.Seoul)
2013 Mut Exhibition ( Palais de Seoul . Seoul)
2011 Next Generation in 2011 (Seoul Art Center ,Seoul)
Corporation Korean Women“s University(Insa Art Center, Seoul/
posco Gallery/Pohang, Hwimok Gallery/ Buan),
Art& Addiction (Gallery Hwabong, Seoul)
2010 Ha Ha Ha Exhibition(In-sa Art Center, Seoul)
Speedom Gallery Exhibition (Speedom Gallery)
Corporation Korean Women“s University ( Gallery Chosun, Seoul)
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2014 Seoul Open Art Fair ( Coex . Seoul)