Talisman to keep home safe

Talisman to keep home safe

Go Eun Joo 2020, Color on Silk, Cutting

23.6 W x 31.5 H x 0.1 in


Hidden Flowers

“Hidden Flowers” began with the fundamental question of ‘what is being a woman?’ In particular, I began to explore the innate value and significance of maternal instincts that exhibit the existence of women by focusing on the existential characteristics of women who, in contrast to men, have biological capabilities for pregnancy and childbirth. I use flowers as the motif throughout most of my works, existing as a living thing and a subject for communion rather than simply as a subject to be viewed as a decorative and aesthetic object.

Through the process of conception and generation of life from the flower, and the caring and growing in such life, I discover the common attributes that both human beings and nature have, which become the materials for new research on the concept of woman. Exploration of maternal instincts through the symbolism of flowers in my works is the exploration of the existence of women, as well as the existence of human beings at the same time.


Go Eun Joo

b. 1983

Republic of Korea
PHD Dongduk Women’s University 2015
MFA Dongduk Women’s University 2008
BFA Dongduk Women’s University 2005

The artist, Eun-joo Go (born in 1983), received her bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. degrees from Dongduk Women’s University, her major being Korean Painting. The artist held 11 solo exhibitions at Hanwon Art Museum, KT Art Hall, and Dongduk Gallery, etc. as well as numerous group exhibitions.

Recently, she participated in the SIMA FARM program, a project for the discovery of artists organized by the Suwon Museum of Art.

Currently, the artist is actively engaging in her creative works by traversing through the domains of painting and installation arts.

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1. Solo shows
2020 <Hidden Flowers> CICA Museum, Gimpo
2016<Pray for a child> Gallery Knot, Seoul
2015 <Poetic of Life> Jajaknamusoupmuseum, hoengseong
2012 <Poetic of Life> Hanwonmuseum, Seoul
2007 <Eternal symbol of Maternity> DongdukArt Gallery, Seoul (total 12th solo Exhibition)

2. Group shows
2020 SIMA FARM |Suwon Museum of Art
2019 Now & Future|YangpyeongArt Museum
2018 Peony Garden|WoljeonMuseum Of Art Icheon, Icheon
2018 JeonnamInternational sumukBiennale|Mokpo art center, Mokpo
2010 The joy of painting | HanwonMuseum, seoul
2008 Several men several minds | limlipMuseum, Daejeon
2007 Seoul -Beijing | Gong Gallery, Beijing, China
2007 The memory of the earth | Jebiwoolmuseum,Gwacheon etc

3. Collections
National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Korea,
Boryeong Art Bank,
Samsung Tesco,
The Korean arts Management Institude, Pfizer Korea,
Random House Korea,
GangNamWedding Convention etc