Something staring me (kirin)
Something staring me (kirin)

Something staring me (kirin)

Lee Fu Ren 2019, Korean traditional painting on Korean paper

11 W x 11 H x 0.1 in

‘Opportunity’ and ‘Hope’ beside you

Opportunity and Hope are invisible, yet they’re always next to you. I embodied these invisible opportunities and hopes in a special image. The special image being an imaginary animal in Korea. These animals appear in traditional Korean paintings called ‘Minhwa’, which were meant to illustrate people's freedom of expression and reveal their innermost thoughts and dreams. Minhwa paintings were often hung in people's homes in hopes of bringing good fortune. With this in mind, I wanted to expand on the message that good things are always together, leading me to produce work with a Korean folk painting element. Through my work I hope to inspire many people to live their lives with the hope that good things will happen to them.


Lee Fu Ren

b. 1994

Republic of Korea
Mokwon University
Mokwon Graduate school

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1. Solo shows
2020 (I’ll protect you),cultural space parking, Daejeon
2020 (Staring), galley knot space B, Seoul

2. Group shows
2020 (D+art), u-yeon, Daejeon

3. Fair Booth
2017 (Daejeon international art show DIAS 2017), Daejeon