Plant Il
Plant Il

Plant Il

Kim Young Sun 2019, Oil on canvas

19 W x 20.8 H x 0.1 in


Nostalgia for nature-mimesis

It is said that in the beginning, mankind had a conversation with nature through ´mimesis´. This mimesis is not just an imitation (reproduction). Mimesis does not differentiate between humans and nature, if representation assumes a subject that objects to nature. Like a chameleon, it resembles an ontological characteristic that changes color depending on the environment. In order to express my nostalgia for nature, I create an image of a human being mimesis. Dreaming of a space in the beginning where nature and humans coexist harmoniously without separation, and expressing the “mimesis” of nature and humans through paintings, the nostalgia for nature is soothed.


Kim Young Sun

b. 1978

Republic of Korea
MFA Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México(UNAM) Mexico city 2010
BFA Sejong University Republic of Korea 2002

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1. Solo shows
2019 “Narrative with portrait”, Museum La Mina Dos Estrella, México
2013 “Escenarios”, Gallery Entre Amigos, Mexico
2013 “My Life´s journey through Mexico. Portrait y Landscapes”, Gallery Medellin 174, Mexico
2012 “Narrativas”, Burdel Contemporary Art Gallery, Mexico
2010 “Mexico, Lúdico y Querido”, Gallery of the Artistic Education Section, Mexico
2009 “Inhabitants in Mexico”, Cafeteria Diéciséis, Mexico
2009 “Playing on the Day of the Dead”, Gallery House of Culture, Mexico

2. Group shows
2020 / “50 women, 50 works, 50 years”, Museum De La Ciudad de México, México
2019 / “To death”, Museo Museum casa de Leon Trotsky, México
2019 / 2019 Art Gyeonggi 'All about Love´, S FACTORY A dong, Korea
2019 / 2019 Art Gyeonggi 'Art Living House', Gyeonggi Sangsang Campus 1986, Korea
2018 “NordArt 2018”, Germany
2018 “La perfecta Shape III”, Eme Espacio de Art, Mexico
2017 “Asia in Mexico”, Aguafuerte Gallery, Mexico
2017 Auction “Put on your shoes”, Juliana Home, Mexico
2017 “XVII Rufino Tamayo Painting Biennial”, Tamayo Museum, Mexico
2017 “MINWA, Traditional Korean Painting”, Leon Trostsky House Museum, Mexico
2017 “Temporary Conjunctions, substance, light and matter”, Gallery Arteriorismo, Mexico
2016 “XVII Rufino Tamayo Painting Biennial”, Museum of Contemporary Art Oaxaca, Mexico
2016 Auction of “Mexican Contemporary Art Selection(sub 33)”, Casa Quimera, Mexico
2015 “VII National Biennal of Visual Arts of Yucatan”, Mexico
2015 “Mexico: The Future is Unwritten” 201 Mexicans united by Benetton, La Fondazio-ne Cini in Venice, Italy
2015 “Irreversible”, Gallery La Esmeralda, Mexico
2015 “Dislocation”, Leon Trostsky House Museum, Mexico
2015 “Guests of honor”, Vasconcelos Library, Mexico
2014 “IX National Biennial Alfredo Zalce”, Museum of Contemporary Art "Alfredo Zalce" Morelia, Mexico
2014 “Art and Culture Movement Auction”, La Esmeralda Gallery, Mexico
2014 Auction “Home and Future", Galería Medellin 174, Mexico
2013 “Virgin manifestation-multidisiplaria”, La Nueva Balet Oaxaca Center, Mexico
2013 Tigre editions of Mexico “Anniversary Nº5”, Vertigo gallery, Mexico
2013 The project "Afuera del Cubo", Centennial Garden of the Coyoacano Center, Mexico
2012 "Restauran T", The National Copyright Institute, Mexico
2012 “Narratives with drawing”, Leon Trotsky House Museum, Mexico
2011 “Re cover”, Galleries Lado I y II, Mexico
2010 “Media and Possibilities in Contemporary Art Mexico-Ecuador, Exhibition and Circle of Conferences”, Universidad Ecuador
2010 “Chocolate”, Café gato negro, Mexico
2010 “A 100 years ... a contemporary vision”, University Museum of Sciences and Arts, Mexico
2009 “Nómada”, Zócalo and Chinatown, Mexico
2009 Pandemic event “Delivered”, Gallery Casa, Mexico
2006 Participation in “The 5th preview_artist network program”, Gallery Team_Preview, Korea
2006 “Seoul Sienne” The alternative gallery "Stone and Water", Korea
2005 “溫 and on” during the multimedia culture program of the underground mall of Yuan-Gyounggi Street, Korea
2004 “Photorait”, Gallery of the Chandong Art Studio, Korea
2004 “therefore” Jin-kwan room, Sejong University, Korea
2003 “Rice”, Insa Art Center, Seoul, Korea
2002 “Joong-Ang Contest of Fine Arts”, Hoam Museum, Korea.
2002 “the Korean Students Sculpture Contest” Sejong Gallery, Korea
2001 “1050”, Gallery Hwa(畵), Korea
2001 “To live”, Gallery Hwa(畵), Korea

3. Fair Booth
2013 “Art Fair Affordable 2013”, Mexico

4. Collections
2018 Eme Espacio de Arte Gallery, Perforated Sky, oil painting on wooden bowl, México
2016 EspacioMartes, self-portrait, 40×30cm, acrylic on canvas, México
2014 Medellin 174 Gallery, Walk, Acrylic on Wooden Bowl, México
2013 Art Fair Affordable 2013, Indiana, 120×30cm, oil on canvas, México
2013 Medellin 174 Gallery, Edu, Carolina, 40×30cm×2, Oil on Canvas, México
Thomas, June 50×40cm×2, acrylic on canvas, México
2012 Personal Collector, Mimesis, Acrylic on 120 × 80cm Canvas USA