Jolly Dog

Jolly Dog

Park Ha Nui 2018, Mixed media on canvas

28.3 W x 19.7 H x 0.1 in


I would like to draw interestingly this virtual world, which is possible only in painting. I dream of a scene of lovely dogs and outstanding paintings that I like. It is my own space, my daily life, and the familiar objects I love. I want to bring together these cute dogs replacing me and the scenery made up of fascinating paintings into a solid painting.


Park Ha Nui

b. 1967

Republic of Korea
M.F.A University of Ulsan, Korea / B.F.A University of Ulsan, Korea

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1. Solo shows
2020 Painting Clouds and Happy (H Gallery, Hyundai Department Store Ulsan)
2019 Ulsan Cultural Foundation Support Park Ha-nee Individual Exhibition (CK Gallery, Ulsan)
2019 Park Ha-nee Invitational Individual Exhibition (Yeon Cafe Gallery, Ulsan)
2019 Puppy and Honey Tsutong (NH Nonghyup, Eonyang, Seoul-san Financial Center)
2019 Dog &Pig展 Invitational Individual Exhibition (Sash Gallery, Ulsan)
2018-2019 La galerie Invitational Personal Exhibition (La Gallery, Ulsan)
2018 Ulju Culture &Arts Center Park Ha-nui Invitational Exhibition (Ulju Culture &Arts Center, Ulsan)
2018 Life of Dog Ulsan University Coffee Shop No. 11
2018 Amenity Roadless (Gallerica Cafe Yeon, Ulsan)
2018 Welcome to the Best Life Insurance Individual Exhibition (Gangnam Mercure Embasser Hotel, Seoul
2018 Towing Area, Invitational Individual Exhibition (Hyundai Department Store, Ulsan)
2017 THE POMNAGE(4,Gwanghwamun Kyobo Art Space,Seoul)
2017 THE Form Nugae (3), Invitational Personal Exhibition (Hyundai Department Store, Ulsan)
2017 THE Form Nugae (2), Invitational Individual Exhibition (Semin S Gallery, Ulsan)
2017 Park Ha-nee's Master's Degree Billing Exhibition, THE Form-Nagae (Ulsan Culture and Arts Center)
2017 Happy Together Invitational Personal Exhibition (Ulsan Nambu Library,Ulsan)
2017 Yuhan's Essential Invitational Exhibition (Hyundai Department Store, Ulsan Dong-gu Branch)September
2016 Thought Invitation Individual Exhibition (Ulsan Gallery, Ulsan)
2016 Future Travel Summer Set Palace Invitational Individual Exhibition (Legina Gallery, Seoul)Stay
2016 Thoughtful...Invitation Personal Exhibition (Bandi Gallery,Ulsan)
2016 Happy Ending Invitational Individual Exhibition (Yeon Gallery, Ulsan)
2015 Artist of the Year Individual Exhibition (Culture &Arts Center Gallery Rest, Ulsan)

2. Group shows
2020 Art Creation Association Exhibition (Busan Haeundae Cultural Center, Ulsan Culture and Arts Center)
2020 Yeongnam and Honam Exchange Exhibition (Culture and Arts Center, Ulsan)
2020 Happy Picture 그림10-100 (Maekhwarang Exhibition, Busan)
2020 Petfam, Family Birth Planning Exhibition (Moz Gallery, Seoul)
2020 Youngnam Women's Artist Exchange Exhibition (Suji Art Museum, Namwon)
2020 New Year's Plan for Your Own Search (Gada Gallery, Ulsan)
2019 Family Garden Planning Invitational Exhibition (Yangpyeong County Museum of Art, Yangpyeong)
2019 ASAP (Dongdaemun Design Plaza, DDP)
2019 Autumn Art Festival (Culture and Arts Center, Ulsan)
2019 Chennai Biennale in India (Chennai India)
2019 Chennai Enko Center in India Healing Strokes for 5 people
2019 Art Ulsan Light Garden (Special Exhibition of Taehwagainst Taehwagang National Garden)
2019 Gadamini Art Fair (Gada Gallery, Ulsan)
2019 11th Creative Artists Association Exhibition (Culture and Arts Center, Ulsan)
2019 Ulsan University Dongmunjeon (Maekhwarang,Busan)
2019 Korea-China Exchange Exhibition (China)2019 Another Family (Ekorak Gallery, Seoul)
2019 Youth Asian Art Festival (Seongsan Art Hall, Changwon)
2019 Gadaminiaat Fair (Gada Gallery, Ulsan)
2019 ArtG&G Planning Invitational Exhibition (DGB Gallery, Daegu Bank's second headquarters)
2019 Special Sower (Culture and Arts Center, Ulsan)
2019 Unusual Method (Gada Gallery, Ulsan)
2018 ULSAN-HAIPHONG Vietnam Exchange Competition (Vietnam)
2018 Mumbai School of Art (Sir J.J. School of Art, India)
2018 Gangdong Culture Center Opening Ceremony Invitational Exhibition (Ulsan)
2018 Hand Drive (Java Palace Hotel,Indonesia)
2018 10th Anniversary Creative Artists Association Exhibition (Jung-gu Cultural Center, Ulsan)
2018 Book Spirit (Ekorak Gallery, Seoul)
2018 Autumn Art Festival (Ulsan Culture & Arts Center)
2018 SHOW CASE Showcase Exhibition (Sungshin Women's University, Seoul)
2018 With Table Art Fair (Citizens' Hall, Busan
2018 Haeoreum Alliance Competition Ulsan, Gyeongju and Pohang (Ulsan Culture and Arts Center, Ulsan)
2018 Five-Person Five-color Hyundai Department Store 20th Anniversary Invitational Exhibition (Hyundai Department Store, Ulsan)
2018 Korea-China Art Exchange Exhibition (Ulsan Culture and Arts Center)
2018 Passion Passion Passion (Semin S Gallery, Ulsan)
2018 Ulsan University Dongmunjeon 1998 (Maekhwarang,Busan)
2018 5th Gadaminiat Fair (Gada Gallery, Ulsan)
2018 Express Sower (Ulsan Culture & Arts Center)
2018 As you think (Gada Gallery, Ulsan)
2018 Ulsan Art Organization New Year's Invitation Exhibition Five Color Praises (Culture and Arts Center, Ulsan)
2018 Excellent Writers' Exhibition (Chosun Ilbo Museum, Seoul)
2017 Titsupoulsan (CK Gallery, Ulsan)
2017 Another Family: PET ART (Ekorak Gallery, Seoul)
2017 Winter in Avignon (Lotte Department Store, Ulsan)
2017 Autumn Art Festival (Culture and Arts Center, Ulsan)
2017 Lydia Gallery 1st Anniversary Invitation (Seoul)
2017 Cheongju Art Fair (Cheongju Craft Biennale Exhibition Hall, Cheongju)
2017 Gu Population Job Recruitment Fair with Picture Exhibition (Jung-gu Office, Ulsan)
2017, Gwangju, Korea International Art Fair (Kim Dae-jung Convention Center, Gwangju, Korea)
2017 Whale Dream V (Economic Promotion Agency, Ulsan)
2017 Delicious Picture Exhibition (Gada Gallery, Ulsan)
2017 Art Ulsan (Ulsan Grand Park Nammun Square)
2017 Gu Population Job Recruitment Fair with Picture Exhibition (Buk-gu Office, Ulsan)
2017 Jeju Ulsan Interchange Exhibition From Taehwa River to Hallasan Mountain (Cultural Arts Center, Ulsan)
2017 21st Ulsan Art Exhibition (Ulsan Culture and Arts Center)
2017 Ulsan University Western Painting Department Dongmunjeon (Maekhwarang,Busan)
2017 The Corso International Art Fair (Lotte Hotel, Ulsan)
2017 4th Gada Mini Art Fair (GADA Gallery, Ulsan)
2017 Whale's Dream (Whale Research Center Gallery, Ulsan)
2017 PEAK (Louisbandi Gallery, Ulsan)
2017 Outstanding Young Artists' Project Special Sower (Culture and Arts Center, Ulsan)
2017 First Writers Exhibition MVP LOUNGE (Lotte Department Store, Ulsan)
2017 Mentor Menti Exhibition (Hanwon Museum of Art, Seoul)
2017 Reality and Imagination Exhibition (Gada Gallery, Ulsan)
2017 Art Collaboration Sendency (Hyundai Department Store Culture Hall, Seoul)
2017 A Search for Your Own (Gada Gallery, Ulsan)
2017 Put the Soul of Art in the props (201 Gallery, Ulsan)
2016 17 Faces From Ulsan (Riverside Gallery,New York)
2016 Excellent Writers' Invitation Exhibition from Daewangam to Ganjeolgot (Modern Art Museum, Ulsan)
2016 Autumn Art Festival (Ulsan Culture and Arts Center, Ulsan)
2016 Ulsan University Dongmunjeon Hall of Western Painting, 1,900,0098 (Cultural Arts Center,Ulsan)
2016 Popular Young Artists' Project Special Sower (Culture and Arts Center, Ulsan)
2016 Bangudae Cultural Heritage Art Fair (Jung-gu Cultural Center, Ulsan)
Scent brought by fall 2016 (Engel Art Gallery 4th Anniversary, Ulsan)
2016 Delicious Picture Exhibition 2 (Gada Gallery, Ulsan)
2016 Art Ulsan Basic & Realism (Ulsan Grand Park Nammun Square, Ulsan)
2016 Visiting Exhibition (FrauMedi Hospital, Ulsan)
2016 Gossip Girl (Mugger Gallery, Ulsan)
2016 National Stone.Dr. Tom & Jun (Sangam DMC Art Gallery, Seoul)
2016 OPEN MAT CHE Exhibition (Geumjeong Cultural Center, Busan)
2016 A-Ha!Two-person exhibition (Hyundai Department Store, Ulsan
2016 UOU ART (Gyungnam Bank Munji Branch Gallery, Ulsan)
2015 Dot Gallery Presents Begin Again
2015 I'll be Back (Moon Gallery, Beijing )Special Exhibition to Celebrate the 70th Anniversary of Liberation
2015 201-5 Gamdo (Sejong Museum of Art, Seoul)
2015 Art Ulsan Love &Co., Ltd. (Ulsan Grand Park Nammun Plaza)
2015 Asia Art Network (KEPCO Art Gallery, Seoul)
2015 Ulsan University Hospital Art Clinic Special Invitation to Celebrate Opening (Saeoreum Gallery, Ulsan)
2015 Ulsan University College of Fine Arts Western Painting Alumni 1998 (Cultural Arts Center, Ulsan)
2015 National University Art Festival (Seoul, Sejong Center for the Performing Arts)
2015 I'll be Back3 (Ulsan Culture &Arts Center)
2015 Superior Project by Popular Young Artists (Ulsan Culture and Arts Center)
2015 描Hahn Feeling Two People (Gallery H, Ulsan)
2015 60 Days Four People (Gallery DOT, Ulsan)
2014 Louvre Exhibition (Gallery H, Seoul)
2014 Busan Centum Art 21 Opening Invitational Exhibition (Centum Art 21, Busan)
2014 Taehwa Steel International Installation Art Festival (Taehwa River Dunchi, Ulsan)
2014 60 Days Quartet (Gallery DOT, Ulsan)
2013 World Peace Art Exhibition (Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul)
2013 17th Ulsan Art Exhibition (Cultural Arts Center, Ulsan)
2013 Chennai Shunber Biennale, Larit Kara Academy (Indian government, former government)
2013 5th International Flag Power Company, Delhi, Budagaya, Varanasi, Agra, Jaipur,Allahabad,Daipur (India,Hong Kong)

3. Fair booths
2019 ASIA CONTEMPORARY ART SHOW2019 Busan Hwarang Art Fair BAMA (Bexco, Busan)
2019 Art Busan Art Fair (BEXCO,Busan)2019 Daegu Art Fair (EXCO, Daegu)
2019 AHAF Art Fair (Paradise Hotel,Busan )
2019 Busan International Art Fair Individual Booth Exhibition (Bexco,Busan)
2019 Gangwon Art Fair Wonju Private Booth Exhibition (Chiak Art Museum, Wonju)
2019 The Corso Art Fair (Lotte Hotel, Ulsan)
2019 Korea Art Festival KAFA Art Fair (Ilsan KINTEX, Seoul)
2018 ASIA CONTEMPORY ART SHOW (Regina Gallery,hongkong)
2018 Asia Hotel Art Fair Grand Intercontinental (Seoul Parnas)
2018 Gyeongju Art Fair (HICO Hwabaek Convention Center, Gyeongju)
2018 Gangwon Art Fair (Wonju Hanji Theme Park, Wonju)
2018 Busan International Art Fair Individual Booth Competition (Bexco, Busan)
2018 Gangwon Art Fair Individual Booth Competition (Wonju Theme Park, Wonju)
2017 ASIA CONTEMPORY ART SHOW (Regina Gallery,hongkong)
2017 Seoul Art Show (Samsung COEX, Seoul)
2016 Asia Contemporary Art Show (Regina Gallery,Conrad Hong Kong)
2016 Ansan International Art Fair AIAF Special Exhibition Art Fair Roadshow (Art Hall, Ansan)
2015 Ulsan Art Fair Individual Booth Competition (KBS Hall, Ulsan)
2014 Carrousel du Louvre asthopping (Louver Musvre, Paris, France)
2014 Seoul Open Art Fair Booth Competition (COEX, Seoul)
2014 Contemporary Art Fair (Hyundai Hotel, Ulsan)
2014 Gyeongnam International Art Fair (Changwon Convention Center, Changwon)
2013 Busan International Art Fair Individual Booth Exhibition (Bexco,Busan)
2013 International Art Fair of Korean Contemporary Art (Lincy Municipal Art Museum, China)

4. Collections
Ulsan Whale Museum
Ulsan Culture and Arts Center