Image- face(model)

Image- face(model)

An Gyo Beom 2020, Oil on canvas

11.7 W x 16.5 H x 0.1 in



Today, the internet is the most easily accessible means of communication.

In society today, there is an infinite stream of images, where we communicate with each other through our  individual thoughts, stories, and feelings.

I picked one of them, and I tried to represent what I saw, how I felt, and how I was inspired by the image.


Gyobeom An

b. 1973

Republic of Korea
2003. Sejong University.(BFA)
2006. Sejong University.(Master)

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1. Solo shows
2020. "An Gyo Beom" exhibition, cyart gallery
2019. "An Gyo Beom" exhibition, H Contemporary Gallery
2019. "An Gyo BEOM" exhibition, BILLY WORKS
2018. "An Gyo Beom" exhibition, ilho Gallery
2018. "An Gyo Beom" exhibition, knot Gallery
2009. "An Gyo Beom" exhibition, Art-space Yule.
2003. "An Gyo Beom" exhibition, Sun&Moon Gallery.

2. Group shows
2019. SEEA 2019(H Contemporary Gallery)-Seongnam Arts Center)
2019. Tafter Journal/Archive for Editoriali(United Kingdom)-Published
2019. tvn drama "her personal life"(Korea)-a sponsorship of works
2019. FREAK, SEOUL(frottage gallery)
2018. Exhibition come across a dream-(ilho gallery)
2018. world wide Art Book(California, USA)-Published
2017. Exhibition between the sky and the sky-(eunpyung Culture&Arts Center)
2017. 126th Getsome Exhibition, "USOME 29th"(luda Gallery)
2016. "WORKS ON PAPER" Brick Lane Gallery / London
2016. "ART IN MIND;REVISITED" Brick Lane Gallery / London
2004. "Two of them....I" Chang Gallery.
2004. "Love,the power" KIMI Gallery.
2004. "breath" Indeco Gallery.
2004. "Advanced Graduate School student invitational exhibition" Danwon Gallery.
2004. "Tum the skin" Toechon culture center.
2004. "Seven Guards "exhibition. Sang Gallery. "Mother-Earth" exhibition.Kiseju Gallery.
2003. "Drawing of Mountain,Water and people" exhibition,Art-Space-IOS Gallery.
2003. "Danwon Contest" exhibition,Danwon Gallery.
2003. "world Art Contest" exhibition,Danwon Gallery.
2003. "And...." exhibition,Sejong University Gallery.
2002. "world Art Contest" exhibition,Danwon Gallery.
2002. "Sal-Ki" exhibition,Haw Gallery.
2001. "Chungang Contest" Ho-Am Gallery.
2001. "world Art Contest" exhibition,Seoul Arts center.
2001. "7030" exhibition,Haw Gallery.
2000. "Disclosed Security" exhibition,Sejong University, Dea-Yang Hall.

3. Fair booths
2019 Affordable Art Fair Singapore
2018 Busan Anual Market of art(ilho Gallery)
2018. AHAF SEOL 2018(knot Gallery)