Golden man (2 set)
Golden man (2 set)
Golden man (2 set)


Golden man (2 set)

Jung Ji Sook 2016, Ceramic

1.29 W x 1.29 H x 3.14 in

An object created by simplifying the human face. I made the shape of my face by rubbing the soil freely, and I wanted to express the 'diversity' of everything in the world by changing colors and shapes.



Jung Ji Sook

Republic of Korea

Bachelor of Ceramics, Kookmin University

Master of Ceramics, Kookmin University

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1. Solo shows
2019 Mass of Spirit, Marunuma Art Park, Tokyo
2017 'Heart Heart (心心)', GalleryKNOT, Seoul
2015 'Heart Heart (心心)' GalleryPLANET, Seoul

2. Group shows
2020 'Selfish Objects' Exhibition, Onyou Gallery, Gyeonggi-do
2017 Cheongdam Allen Center Invitation Exhibition
2016 Continue, There is Exhibition-Byeok and Nasai Gallery
2016 Seoul Mayor Revitalization Project-Art signage art production
2015 Beautiful Life-Jiin Collect
2014 Asian Contemporary Ceramics Exhibition-Clayarch
2014 NEW WAVE Exhibition, Cowzy-Setec
2014 Talking with Ceramics-Insadong Gallery Bori Invitation Exhibition
2014 Scratch Exhibition, Special Exhibition of the North Korean Ceramic Art Association-Seoul Arts Center
2014 Season of Things-KEY Show Window Exhibition
2013 Modernic Moment Getsome Exhibition-Designers Lounge
2013 Various exhibitions-Tongin Gallery Invitational Exhibition
2012 New Station, Contemporary Asian Ceramics Exhibition-Yingge Ceramic Museum, Taiwan
2012 80-89 Emotional Image Exhibition-Sungkok Museum of Art
2012 Dish+, Special Exhibition of North Korean Ceramic Art Society-Seongnam Art Center Sono Factory
2012 Urban Farmer's Workshop-KCDF Gallery, Korea Craft Design Foundation

3. Fair Booth
2017 Design Art Fair, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul
2016 Craft Trend Fair 'Spring Summer Fall Winter, Spring', Seoul
2016 SOFA, Chicago
2016 Asiaf – DDP, Seoul
2015 Craft Trend Fair 'Fool'
2015 Paris Maison & Objects, Paris
2014 Craft Trend Fair 'Heart Heart’

4. Awards
2014 Craft Trend Fair, Artist of the Year Award and 6 times