Creeper and flower

Creeper and flower

Kim Sun 2019, Acrylic mix media on fabric

25 W x 18 H x 0.1 in


~picked from your yard then picked from your heart.~ Everywhere you can see it. Nameless weeds are the subject of my painting. It is my work to make the weeds in your yard regrow in your heart.


Kim Sun

b. 1967

Republic of Korea
1992-1992 Cosumnes River College (USA)
1993-1993 Academy of Art College (USA)

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1. Solo shows
2020 Topo House (Seoul)
2019 Gallery Gyung-in (Seoul)
2011 Gallery Fowalls(Seoul)
2005 Gallery Mun-Hwa illbo(Seoul)
2001 hello art gallery (Seoul)
2000 Galerie Meinkow (Heidelberg, Germany)
1999 KWANHOON Artmuseum (Seoul)

2. Group shows
2020 Korean Art Support Project (Online)
2020 KAUP2020 Exhibition(Dongdog art gallery)
2020 Busan Hwarang Art Festival (Bexco, Busan)
2011 Korea-Japan Exchange Exhibition (Kyoto city international foundation JAPAN)
2007 International festival in BAKU( NATIONAL ART MUSEUM IN AZERBAIJAN)
2004 XX International festival in Sarajevo( National art gallery in Sarajevo)

3. Fair booths 
2020 Busan Art Fair (Bexco, Busan) Schedule
2020 Gawon Art Fair (Chuncheon Cultural Center, Chuncheon)
2020 Mokwoo Art Fair (Seoul Art Center, Seoul)
2000.2004,2009 MANIF Art Fair (Seoul Art Center, Seoul)

4. Collections 
(The director of the Gyeonggi Museum of Art, the chief of the Sunday newspaper)