Couple 2020-10
Couple 2020-10
Couple 2020-10

Couple 2020-10

Shin So Young 2020, Mixed Media on canvas

32 W x 32 H x 0.1 in


Two differently-shaped wings forming a heart represents two different people meeting each other and producing happiness. A couple is two people, living in the same space at the same time, who can reach out their hands to each other. Because humans are imperfect beings with only one wing, they cannot fly far away on their own. If they belong with someone else, they will be able to fly far away with two complete wings.


Shin So Young

b. 1970

Republic of Korea
MFA. Graduate School of Fine Art, Sook-Myung Women's University, Seoul 1995
BFA College of Fine Arts, Sook-Myung Women's University, Seoul 1993

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1. Solo shows
2020 <HEART>, Gallery KNOT, Seoul
2015 <KNOT Solicited>, Art space KNOT, Seoul

2. Group shows
2020 SCOPE New York, New York
2020 Agaze without boundaries, Gallery KNOT, Seoul

3. Fair botths
2020 SCOPE New York, New York
2014 Affordable Art Fair Singapore, Singapore

4. Collections
Korean Film Archive, Seoul
Moonshin Museum, Seoul
Moran Museum of Art, Namyangju, Korea
Sookmyung Woman’s University Museum, Seoul