About us

The Role of Art Gate 7

- Sponsoring young promising K-artists, introducing them to the world and making their artworks available for purchase to the global market.

- Offering fair and reasonable prices set by expert curators.

- Connecting artists and collectors in a rapid and efficient way.

- Delivering a sense of pleasure and affluence through Art.

Merits of Art Gate 7 (Pleasure and Mutual Trust)

  1. AG7 has displayed and sold a diverse spectrum of artwork over the years, with a history embodied by our own know-hows that we’ve developed through both collective and distinctive experiences.
  2. AG7 has developed a successful marketing structure that prioritizes transparency, fairness, and openly available communication with both the artists and collectors throughout all transactions.
  3. AG7’s expert curators hand select and upload only the highest quality art artwork through an extensive screening process.
  4. You can always enjoy unique and original art of the highest standard at AG7.
  5. All artwork purchased from AG7 contributes to young artists' activities.
The global trend of contemporary art requires popularized artists and reasonable prices. Accordingly, AG7 pursues for high-quality work and reasonable prices of the popularized artists as an intermediary among clients and emerging/ leading artists. As a subsidiary of Gallery Knot, AG7 has experiences of hundreds of exhibitions for more than 10 years. Through the experiences, we have realized what the collectors want, heading towards the top of the e-commerce market that can quickly connect the artists and the art markets in the global world through online sales. In line with this, AG7 encourages collectors to purchase actively and enthusiastically through auctions as well as regular purchases. AG7 aims to build a global growth base for artists with the priority on fair and transparent sales. We are a guiding light for artists to lead them into anyone in the world who are interested in their work. We are positive that clients will be greatly satisfied and trust us for our fair and reasonable prices.