Moss bowl
Moss bowl

Moss bowl

Yang Jong Yong 2018, Oil on canvas

10.6 W x 8.4 H x 0.1 in

Artist Yang Jong-Yong, who has drawn attention for his impressive work of drawing green moss, paints mosses on various kinds of artifacts, whose composition and color are also equipped with surrealistic mystique as well as modern sophistication. The green moss, which is meticulously expressed with a detailed brush touch, is a material intended to show the natural beauty of man-made objects and other natural creatures. As such, his works symbolically show that communication between people is an important part of modern society through natural harmony between artificial and natural objects.



Yang Jong Yong

b. 1984

Republic of Korea
Graduated from the Department of Fine Arts at Kangwon National University
Graduate from graduate school at Kangwon National University 2010

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1. Solo shows
2019 GS Tower Street Gallery Invitational Individual Exhibition, Seoul
Artdvora Gallery Invitational Individual Exhibition, Seoul
an invitational exhibition of the tall gallery, Daegu
Gallery High Invitational Individual Exhibition, Busan
2018 Migustar Gallery Invitational Individual Exhibition, Dongtan
2015 Kidari Gallery Invitational Individual Exhibition, Daegu
2014 Hans Gallery Invitational Individual Exhibition, Seoul

2. Group shows
More than 30 domestic and international group exhibitions
2018 Levin Gallery Young Writers Exhibition Stage7 (Haeundae) Naraejeon [2013~]
2017 Yang Jong-yong and Park Jung-yong Invitation Exhibition, Art Sebin, Hans Gallery
2016 "Coffee, Invitation to Space," a special exhibition at the Gangneung Museum of Art.
2015 Brand New 6 - The Art of Seduction, Eugene Gallery
2013 Georgian National Gallery's Invitation to the Korean Contemporary Art Exhibition,
Director of the Ministry of Culture, Georgia